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The Spectrum SCM555 satellite cable meter is a unique RF hand-
held signal strength meter that is simple to use and saves you time.
This patent pending design is the only dual function signal strength
meter that measures satellite and cable in one easy to read tool.
By simply changing the input, the SCM555 will automatically switch
from measuring cable band to satellite band. Two rows of LED
displays are easy to read in all environments whether bright sunlight
or dark attics. By combining two test tools in one package, the
installation specialist can now troubleshoot and test all RF functions
required in custom home installations. Accessories include: 9 volt
Alkaline Battery and 22k Tone Generator.

  • Handheld, ergonomically designed, easy to read displays
  • Quick, Accurate, Reliable measurements
  • Dual application tool for CATV and Satellite
  • Satellite alignment made easy with only one specialist
  • Used with CATV and antenna systems
  • Designed for DirectTV and Dish systems
  • Aligns 2 LNB's at the same time
  • Power Source: 9V Alkaline Battery (provided) and Satellite
    Receiver Voltage
  • 22Khz tone injector (supplied) for multiple LNB alignment-
    High Definition

  • Frequency Response      50Mhz-1550Mhz
  • Dynamic Range              45dBmV
  • Display                          2 Rows of LEDs
  • Cable Lo Frequency        50Mhz-415Mhz
  • Cable Hi Frequency        415Mhz-850Mhz
  • Satellite Frequency         900Mhz-1550Mhz

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